Welcome to The 82nd Annual Great Sand Sculpture Contest!

The 82nd Annual Great Sand Sculpture Contest brings together families, community and artists to celebrate in one of the most defining elements of our community: our local beach!

The Great Sand Sculpture contest is brought to you on behalf of Rotaract Long Beach.

Beach 1

This year, we have TWO competitions:

1) The Professional Contest, where professional sculptors will work together to craft an exhibition of remarkable stature.

2) The Community Contest, where amateur/family teams (with up to 10 members per team) will compete for in-kind prizes donated from event sponsors.

SAVE THE DATE on your calendar and come enjoy exciting and colorful attractions such as arts and crafts, vendors, live music, food and a fenced-off kid zone supervised by event staff.

All proceeds from the Great Sand Sculpture Contest will be donated to promoting childhood and adult literacy in our community through the Long Beach Public Library Foundation.

When: August 16th & 17th from 10am-4pm / Location: 1 Granda Ave, Long Beach

We are currently accepting applications to sponsor the 2014 competition!  If you are interested in supporting the 82nd Annual Great Sand Sculpture contest, please review our sponsors page for more information.

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